Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who likes freebies?

If you are like me and love to get free thing than this post is just for you. I have ran across a few things that I wanted to share with everyone. Each of these sites are free and you can get some pretty amazing things for free. There is a small catch to each one, but it is something very easy to do.

Friendrack is a daily deal site. Each day at 12pm EST they post up some great deals on things you can get for yourself, friends, or family. Christmas is coming soon and this is a great way to get gifts really cheap. Each deal is only available for 24 hours and some things go quickly. They also have an amazing refer a friend program. You can sign up for free and for each friend you refer you get one friend point. Then when you have enough friend points you can choose what free prize you want. They have tons of cool choices. You can sign up here.

Adore Me is a new lingerie store that has not opened yet, but as of Nov. 1st you will be able to shop their site. So to spread the word of their new store they are offering everyone a gorgeous lingerie matching set for every 10 friends you get to sign up. You also get free shipping.That sounds pretty awesome to me, so what are you waiting for go sign up today! Click here to sign up.

EdenFantasys is an amazing site. They have tons of cool things to offer everyone. Fist off, if you join their site you can get points for doing almost anything on there site, from browsing,  adding things to a wish list, or even making a purchase. Points can be turned into gift cards instantly. You can either use them to get free shipping or you can save them up to get something really nice.

Edenfatasys also has a ton of different clubs you can join, from photography to arts and crafts. If you are a person who likes to write or is willing to write reviews you can get free products for writing reviews or you can 30% off in exchange for a review. You don't need a blog or website either! you post them right on their site. To join just click on the Edenfantasys picture.

Last, but not least is SwagBucks. I have been earning swagbucks for about 6 months now and have already recieved about $55 in amazon gift cards along with some other cool things. There are tons of different prizes you can get. It's super easy to get free things with this site. All you do is sign up here or click the picture. Then, you can do different things to get swagbucks like download a search bar (thats what I have), vote in daily polls, take surveys and more. So go start earning free prizes.

 The rules to each site may change at any time. I am not responsible if they do or if any of the sites do not hold up to the things that they claim. 

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