Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Halloween and boy do I have a treat for you!

Today is Halloween! It is my favorite holiday, yes even over Christmas. I do love Christmas, but Halloween can be so much fun. It's the only day of the year that is ok to become who ever you want and pig out on candy. Speaking of candy, I have a treat for you guys. For one day only you get to ogle, fantasize, and do what ever else your mind can come up with for all this man candy! So, go ahead and stare or maybe drool a little over these guys. I brought them in just for you! You know you want to!

Who likes hard candy? I know I do!

Who needs him to dress up when he already has too much on?

Maybe you can treat you self to a bedtime treat?

Maybe the brooding type is what you like.

Doesn't he just scream lick me?

Have some fun. Go a little crazy this Halloween and if you are daring enough share you thoughts on what kind of fantasies come to mind when you look at these yummy treats! Or you can share what you are doing for Halloween.

Also, just a little reminder The Spooktacular giveaway ends tonight! So, get you entries in before midnight or they don't count. And don't forget to check out the freebie page. The Adore me free lingerie set ends today too.


mnjcarter said...

Thank you for that!!

Where can we get that kind of candy in our trick or treat bags??

Mia said...

I'm afraid this may be the only place you can :(